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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • We've listed the most common questions asked below.  If you don't see your question here or need further information, please feel free to contact us.

Are there programs for nurses to learn Homeopathy?

  • There are no specific programs in the U.S. or Canada, dedicated for training nurse homeopaths. There are also homeopathic programs all over the world.

  • Programs to learn homeopathy exist as brick and mortar institutions, distance learning schools, and even can be found in traditional university settings. Selecting a program depends on your location, finances, and learning style.

  • Program curriculum may be different from school to school. 

  • Many programs are accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Homeopathic Education in North America (ACHENA) and use a standard curriculum.

  • Further, a "classical" approach to Homeopathy allows one to maintain the principles and philosophy developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

  • Keep in mind that a program may not have a clinical component, though most international schools do have the clinical component.

  • Some long distance programs have tutors for their students.

  • Whatever program or course you may be interested in, contact the school to check all the details.

  • You can also engage the support of a "clinical supervisor" from an experienced and qualified HNA member.

  • The National Center for Homeopathy - Education Directory has a list of programs.

Is there certification for Nurse Homeopaths?


  • The Council for Homeopathic Certification​ (CHC), which aids in advancing the homeopathic profession by certifying individuals who meet and maintain professional and ethical standards in classical homeopathy. 

    • Websites with CEU's for CHC renewal

      • Karen Allen HomeopathWhole Health Now

      • Homeopathic Courses

  • North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) Homeopaths registered with the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH) receive the internationally respected designation RSHom (NA) acknowledging the independent professional practice of homeopathy in North America.
How can I begin learning about Homeopathy?
  • There are a many resources available for you to begin your studies.  We encourage a "classical" approach to homeopathy, but, there are other modalities available.

  • Since Hahnemann's time there have been a number of good books written for both professionals and lay persons. At this time, there are books available for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced student that suit each individual's needs. These can be purchased from bookstores and internet distributors who sell such works. There are also computer programs available for serious students and practitioner.​

Does HNA offer Professional Liability insurance ?

  • Currently HNA does not have an insurance carrier to provide liability insurance.  However, obtaining certification through the Council for Homeopathic Certification and/or joining the North American Society for Homeopaths (NASH) qualifies you for participation in insurance coverage. Please contact NASH directly for information.

How can I access homeopathic research?

Are there contact hours in homeopathy available toward my RN license?

Introduction to Homeopathic Medicine

"The Complete Homeopathy Handbook" by Miranda Castro.

30 Continuing Education Contact Hours

Cost: 76.00 USD

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