The HNA Virtual Mentorship Program is a benefit for HNA members and is established to support

HNA’s Vision and Mission. 

Members interested in becoming an HNA mentor may complete and submit an application to the HNA Mentorship Program Committee. Send it to or complete and submit the application online.  The application will be reviewed by HNA Mentorship Program Committee members. The HNA Mentorship Program Committee reserves the right to accept or decline any mentor application.

For acceptance into the HNA Mentorship Program, the applying MENTOR must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an HNA member in good standing

  • Graduate of an ACHENA accredited school or accepted equivalent

  • Board Certification in Homeopathy or accepted equivalent

  • Minimum of 5 years in homeopathic practice

  • Willing to follow the HNA Scope of Practice Guidelines and Code of Ethics. 

  • Able to provide foundational homeopathic education according to Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine, 5th & 6th edition and other classical doctrines

  • Have unlimited access to a video conferencing platform

  • If accepted into the Mentorship program, Mentor must complete a Mentor Agreement prior to taking on mentees. 

Complete the Mentor application and send to:


For acceptance into the HNA Mentorship Program, the applying MENTEE must meet the following requirements:

  • Becoming an HNA member is encouraged but not mandatory to identify a Mentor and seek services. However, if a Mentee is not an HNA member, HNA is not responsible or accountable for any aspect of the relationship nor does it provide Mentee support services.

  • To begin a mentorship, select a Mentor from the Mentor Directory by reviewing and selecting a “similia” from the HNA Mentor Directory.  The chosen Mentor will contact you with next steps. 

  • The HNA Mentor Directory does not constitute an endorsement of any Mentor over another or a general endorsement of the Mentor. 

  • HNA does not determine or restrict fees set by an HNA Mentor nor determine the number of sessions included in those fees.

  • While HNA evaluates competency and educational standards of its Mentors, and requires that approved Mentors subscribe to the HNA code of ethics and standards of practice, HNA is not responsible for any particular outcome. 

  • HNA member Mentees must complete a Mentee Agreement prior to the start of their sessions.