HNA Scholarship Program - 2021

$500 Education Scholarship Application Invitation Has Closed. 

An invitation to apply for the 2022 Advancing Nursing Leadership and Presence in Homeopathy Scholarship!

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HNA Expert Speaker Series Coming Soon!  

Watch for videos that will focus on nursing and the practice of  homeopathy.  Application will be made for nursing continuing education .

Did you know that Florence Nightingale used Homeopathy?

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Films and Videos

Enjoy Magic Pills for $4.99.

Ananda More, Hom, DHMHS explores multiple media campaigns against homeopathy, propelling her to travel the world and uncover whether homeopathy is truly science-based and effective or a mere placebo that endangers lives.

A new video from the Homeopathy Research Institute, Scientists say...homeopathy is not just a placebo, shares international research and evidence on the efficacy of homeopathy.  VIEW

Monthly Virtual Member Meetings 

HNA members and invited guests enjoy presentations by world-class practitioners as well as have the opportunity to dialogue. These are scheduled the second Tuesday of most months. The meetings are a great way to learn more about homeopathy and to network with like-minded nurses.  See the current 2021-2022 schedule below. 


If you are not a member and would like to be invited to a meeting as a guest, click on Join/Donate (a page on this website) and complete and submit the application. 

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Each season our experts produce this interesting newsletter showcasing the latest information and timely topics for nurses and homeopathy.  This is a "Member Only" benefit. 


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If you enjoy working with a group whose goal is to enrich our members and expand the horizons of homepathy and nursing, become involved with one of our committees. Contact Dr. Sue Roe if you are interested. This is a "Member Only" benefit. 

“It's so great to be able to talk with so many like-minded nurses!  And the opportunities for continuing my homeopathic knowledge are vast. Thank you HNA!

KS - Classical Homeopath, Michigan